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United Asset Services is a versatile services company, focusing on the client's long-term and short-term needs for their properties. 

United Asset Services offers free property evaluations in an effort to keep clients proactive with maintenance and performance of their properties.  The multiple paged reports include high resolution photos of problem areas, cad drawings, and a scope of work to correct any current issues found. United Asset Services provides clients with solutions. 

Our clients do business with us knowing that we consider ourselves strategic partners and represent the highest quality.  We listen to our client’s needs and concerns and develop services and programs tailored to their project needs. United Asset Services prides itself on performance and rapid job completion.


We provide many services: property inspections, budgeting, roof repair/replacement, roof maintenance, siding repair/replacement, carpentry repair/replacement, and emergency response throughout the United States.

In an effort to better serve our clients United Asset Services employees are trained and updated with the most current codes and compliances being introduced in the industry in a effort to better serve our clients.

Emergency response:  When we receive an emergency call, we provide rapid response personnel to evaluate the emergency and either correct the issues on the spot or provide temporary repairs until arrangements to correct the issue properly.

In order to maintain quality work, we perform ongoing inspections of the work in progress.  The project foreman is the first line of quality control and will generate a punch list of the work in progress.  The supervisory staff will check the punch list provided by the foreman, double-checking the items and the work adding items that may have been missed.

We accommodate each client’s needs and contract a service agreement to cater to those needs.

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